Due to the pandemic of the
Coronavirus (COVID-19), Taiwan’s
National Institute of Traditional
Chinese Medicine has developed
a Traditional Chinese medicine
(Hanfang) compound decoction
called ”NRICM101 (COVRelief )”,
which proves that the compound
ingredients can bind the spine
protein of the Coronavirus and prevent
viral infections and suppress the appearance
of cytokine storms, Taichung Veterans General
Hospital and General Hospital of the General Armed Forces
have verified the clinical efficacy, which proved to be successful
in reducing the number of hospital stays and shortening the
three-time collection by about 9 days. It has been published in
well-known international medical journals in November 2020
"Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy",
and completed non-exclusive authorization and successfully
exported to the EU,.
COVRelief  (NRICM101)